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Who Am I?

The hardest part about summaries is convincing someone that you are good at something, while ensuring they read far enough along to understand why you're good at it.
My passion is learning. If there was a skill to rule all skills, it’s learning to learn. Whether it be software development, graphic design, photography/videography, music production, or storytelling, I continue to explore my passion for learning and develop my skills in every creative discipline I’ve come across.
Through my company, Encompass Marketing & Design, or my personal projects, I push myself to be creative, continue learning, and build a portfolio of work I can be proud of.
Take a look for yourself or feel free to reach out.

What Can I Do?

Web Design
Graphic Design
Photo Editing
Software Development
Videography & Editing
3D Modeling & Animation
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What Have I Done?

Logo Design
Vehicle Wraps
Promotional Videos
Tradeshow Booths
Online Games
Web Apps
3D Rendering
Escape Rooms
TV Commercials
Star Wars Theatre
Marketing Materials
User Interface Design
Product Photography
Interactive Demos

Some of My Favourites

5 December 2020
Custom Designed Home Theatre for OneTouch House Showroom

In 2019, Encompass designed a sci-fi themed home theatre as a showpiece for the new OneTouch House showroom. The room featured LED lighting, MDF pillars, and wall graphics.

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4 December 2020
Taking Escape Experiences Online: A Pivot Due to COVID-19

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020), the team at Encompass converted an existing "who-done-it" experience into an online experience that could be enjoyed from home. This posed a series of challenges and this article talks about how we solved them.

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2 December 2020
Implementing a Job Management System at Renoson Auto Films

In this article, I will discuss how I implemented Airtable at Renoson Auto Films to help the team collect information for new jobs, manage ongoing jobs, and store customer and job information for easy access by all members of the team.

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Things I Do

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